Elementor #30

Warning: this video contains images from cardiac surgery

According to the American Hospital Association, hospital profit margins are slim: ranging from 4-8%.  And payments from government programs are fixed cost and often money losers for the hospital.  The average reimbursement for Medicare coronary artery bypass surgery is $31,000*.  At year five, Cardiogenerics products would save hospitals $1300 or over 4% per Medicare reimbursed surgery.  

CardioGenerics reusable-disposable devices could mean the difference between profit and loss for the average hospital’s cardiac surgery program.

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  • Birkmeyer, J.D. et al. “Medicare Payments for Common Inpatient Procedures” HSR: Health Services Research 45:6 DEC 2010 pg. 1788

Our Solution Versus the Competition

The Market for Reusable-Disposable Medical Devices

The Market for medical devices is over $150 billion dollars per year.  CardioGenerics intends to focus initially on the Cardiac Surgery sub markets of Off-pump beating heart surgery and Endoscopic Vein Harvest which are $150 Million and $600 Million markets

Our technology is to decouple single use medical devices into re-usable and disposable components.  This is a huge, untapped market in medical devices

CardioGenerics heart stabilizers will reduce surgical waste by over 95% compared to on-pump heart lung machine disposables.

Sustainable Solutions to Save Hospitals Money